Navigating VETASSESS Process with an Australian Visa Specialist

Immigrants who plan on entering Australia via a skilled or employment-based visa are required to complete a skills assessment and prove their qualifications. This assessment must be validated in order to for the visa to be accepted. VETASSESS is the only skills assessment company formally recognised by the Australian government for migration tests, leading to significant demand. Navigating wait times and processing can be a difficult and stressful experience, which is why enlisting help from an Australian Visa Specialist is extremely beneficial for your VETASSESS journey. An Australian Visa Specialist can offer significant support, help navigate the more tedious and bureaucratic elements of the process and provide useful tips and tricks.

Meeting with an Australian Visa Specialist

What is a skills assessment?

A skills assessment is a process in which an individual’s qualifications, work experience, and skills are evaluated to determine their eligibility for a specific visa category. This assessment is carried out by authorised assessing authorities, such as VETASSESS, to determine if an applicant meets the skill requirements for immigration to Australia. The assessment is typically required for skilled migration visas, such as the Employer Nomination Scheme visa (subclass 186), Skilled independent visa (Subclass 189) and skilled nominated visa (subclass 190). The Department of Home Affairs will then determine if an applicant has the skills and qualifications required for the visa. The assessment result is valid for a certain period of time and is used in conjunction with other eligibility criteria during the visa processing period.

A list is available on the Department of Home Affairs website, detailing which occupations are eligible for skilled visa types, this includes Temporary Skill Shortage visas (subclass 482) and Skilled work regional (Provisional) visas, (subclass 491). These visa types are a great stepping stone on the way to permanent residency and citizenship, and usually contain shorter processing times due to the urgency of the skills shortage.

Pre-assessment work with an Australian Visa Specialist

Organising help through an Australian Visa Specialist can streamline the process for passing a skills assessment. The visa application process can be tedious and stressful, especially after the backlog and delays that were generated from the coronavirus pandemic. Prior to organising the assessment, a migration agent will conduct a pre-assessment to ascertain which qualifications you hold that match the requirements for your nominated occupation. This will give you the best chance of receiving a positive outcome later with VETASSESS and hopefully speed up the application processing time.

Priority Processing

VETASSESS has updated their Priority Processing cap service to 55 places per day. Both professional and general occupations are available for processing and are assessed within 10 business days after being accepted. This service aims to give applicants and Australian visa specialists a fast-tracking option for the application. However, there is significant demand for this service and limited daily placement so it can take multiple attempts to be accepted. There is also eligibility criteria and additional fees required for expedited processing.

VETASSESS asserts that when applying for Priority Processing, you must “have sufficient evidence supporting correct fee payment, proof of identity, qualification and employment claims ready to upload to the online form.”

Priority Processing help from an Australian Visa Specialist

Given the detailed assessment and eligibility criteria for priority processing, an Australian Visa Specialist who is familiar with the system can help you organise all your documents and ensure they are all filled out correctly without inconsistencies or issues. VETASSESS notes that any false, misleading, or inconsistent documents may lead to additional checks being conducted and the delay of the process past 10 business days.

If you have already had an application assessed and denied, you can’t apply for priority processing with the same occupation. However, if you are applying for a skills assessment at a new occupation, or you would like to renew an application that was previously assessed positively for employment and qualifications you can still apply for priority processing.

Benefits of an Australian Visa Specialist

At AIVS, our expertise isn’t just limited to VETASSESS. Our registered migration agents have a thorough and detailed understanding of the immigration process and can help at all stages. We understand travelling to another country can be an emotional, tedious and stressful process. Make it easier for yourself, by liaising with our registered immigration agents.

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