Employer Visa

Employer Visa

The employer sponsored visa enables Australian businesses to nominate skilled international workers when they cannot find an appropriate local worker.

Types of Employer Visa

Don’t know which visa to apply for?

With AIVS’ Australian immigration consultants, we can help you find a solution to your visa needs, and assist you with any questions you may have about which visa is suitable for your specific circumstances.

Who I Work With

Worldly Migration is an Australian Immigration agency that provides migration solutions tailored to every situation. Worldly Migration’s primary consultant is employer visa specialist Evan Bishop, a registered Australian migration agent (MARN 1679414) who prior to establishing Worldly Migration in 2018, was an experienced recruiter, specialising in helping international students secure their first professional employment roles in Australia. Evan was continually approached by Migration Agents and Lawyers to assist with Employer Nominator preparation. A lot of this involves writing Employment Position Descriptions, providing specific information on Labour Market Testing, and justifying salaries. This was the catalyst for the evolution of his passion for launching Worldly Migration. Evan oversees all work directly, and he is known for his meticulous approach. Keeping up to date with immigration legislation changes that always reflect current policies is a hallmark of Evan’s clients.