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Offshore Partner Visa (Subclass 309/100)

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This partner visa is designed for people who are married, or in a ‘genuine relationship’ with a partner who is an Australian resident and/or citizen. It allows holders to move to Australia and live with their partner on a permanent or temporary basis. The visa applicant must be outside of Australia when applying for the visa, and have their spouse or partner sponsor them. 

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Who is this Visa suitable for?

Individuals that have a ‘genuine relationship’ with an Australian citizen or permanent resident, but live overseas. Applicants are people that are looking to move to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis to live with their Australian partner.  

What this Partner Visa lets you do?

  • The onshore partner visa allows holders to stay, work or study in Australia.

  • Travel to/from Australia, attend free English classes, access to Medicare.

  • Visa holders can stay on a temporary (309) visa until their (100) permanent application is finalised, or the visa is withdrawn.  

Visa Requirements

  • Applicants must not be within Australia when applying for this visa.

  • Applicants must be over the age of 18.

  • Must not have had a previous visa application denied.

  • Must be the spouse or de-facto partner of an Australian citizen / permanent resident or New Zealand citizen. (terms & conditions / exemptions are applicable).

  • Must not have has a visa cancelled or application refused prior.

  • Must have an approved sponsor (usually the partner living in Australia).

How to Apply?

With Australian Immigration & Visa Services on your side, you can trust that our partner and spouse visa specialists will guide you through the entire application process and be there to support you along the way.


Gather Documents

Gather identity, character and documents that can provide evidence of your relationship with your partner & any dependants you have (under 18/ above 18).


Prepare Documents

Translate all non-English documents translated into English. Scan or photograph all your documents (English and non-English) in colour.


Apply Online

Apply outside Australia. Applications are completed online using an ‘immiAccount’.

Frequently Asked Questions

To prove your relationship with your partner or spouse some of the documents you can include:

  • De-facto relationship certificate or marriage certificate (a marriage that is recognized under Australian Laws)
  • Photos together with your family and friends
  • Joint bank statements
  • If you have been apart together- communications to show this such as calls and messages
  • If you have a child together, their birth certificate
  • Joint lease/joint rent

These are only a few suggestions. You will need to illustrate to the case officer that you are in a genuine and committed relationship.

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