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Contributory Parent Visa (Subclass 103)

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This parent visa allows a parent/ legal parent/step-parent/parent in-law of an Australian citizen or permanent resident to permanently move to and live in Australia. This visa application costs AUD $4560 and is significantly cheaper than subclass 143, despite having very similar entry requirements. The cost difference is due to subclass 143 having ‘significantly shorter processing times’.

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Who is this Visa suitable for?

This visa is suitable for the parents or legal guardians of Australian citizens/ permanent residents. It allows the holder to move to or live in Australia permanently if they want to be closer to their children living in Australia. This Visa is also suitable for retirees who have a child living in Australia (but retirees don’t need a sponsor.)

What this Visa lets you do?

  • Permanently live in Australia.

  • Holders can work and study in Australia.

  • Holders can enrol in Medicare.

  • You can include any members of the family unit in this application.

  • Holders can sponsor other family members to come to Australia and apply for Australian citizenship.

  • You can freely travel to and from Australia for up to 5 years, before needing to a apply for a Resident Return Visa.

Visa Requirements

  • Applicants require an approved sponsor, usually your child or eligible relative.

  • At least half of your children (step/ adopted children as well) fall into the eligible category of Australian citizens or permanent residents. This is known as the ‘balance of family test’.

  • Must assure that you will not rely on government assistance after entering Australia.

  • Must be over the age of 18.

  • Must not have had a visa cancelled or previous application refused.

How to Apply?

With Australian Immigration & Visa Services on your side, you can trust that our Australian registered migration agents will guide you through the entire application process and be there to support you along the way.


Gather Documents

Gather all your documents, including for any partner or dependants who are applying with you. You will also need your sponsor documents.


Prepare Documents

Translate all non-English documents translated into English. Do not certify police certificates, you need to send the originals. Have all other documents a certified copy. Keep a copy of your completed application.



Apply On Paper

You must apply for this visa on paper. You can apply from inside or outside Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which visa to apply for will depend on if your parent/s meet the family of balance test, their age, and various other factors.

I would recommend making an appointment to assess your circumstances further.

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