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Onshore Child Visa (Subclass 802)

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This child visa allows a child who is not born in Australia, but is currently living within Australia, to move to Australia and live with their parents permanently. The parents need to be an Australian or New Zealand citizen or have an Australian permanent residency visa.

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Who is this Visa suitable for?

This visa is suitable for the children of parents/ guardians who are Australian citizens or permanent residents and want the child to have permanent residency within Australia.

What this Visa lets you do?

  • Permanent residency in Australia.

  • Holders can work and study in Australia.

  • Holders can enrol in Medicare.

  • Holders can sponsor other family members to come to Australia and apply for Australian citizenship.

Visa Requirements

  • Child must be under 18 years (or)

  • Be financially dependent on their parents, such as a full-time student between the ages of 18-25 (or)

  • Over 18 and living with a disability that makes them unable to work.

  • If the child is adopted, they must have been adopted by the guardians under the age of 18.

  • The visa application must occur whilst the child is in Australia.

How to Apply?

With Australian Immigration & Visa Services on your side, you can trust that our registered immigration agents will guide you through the entire application process and be there to support you along the way.


Gather Documents

Gather identity, character, documents that can provide evidence of the child’s relationship to the parent, and financial documents. ‘Applicant circumstances’ documents are also required.


Prepare Documents

Have all non-English documents translated into English. Do not certify police certificates, you need to send the originals. Have all other documents certified. Keep a copy of the completed application.


Lodge Application

Must apply with the child in Australia. You must apply for this visa on paper.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the child is outside of Australia, you may apply for the subclass 101 child visa. If the child is living inside Australia, you can apply for the 802 child visa.

Don’t know which visa to apply for?

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