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Australian Partner Visa is designed for people with a ‘genuine and continuing relationship’ with their sponsoring partner to live in Australia permanently.

Onshore Partner Visa (820/801)

Ideal for visa applicants who are currently in Australia.

Applicants who apply for an onshore partner visa typically receive a bridging visa to remain in Australia, until a decision is made in their application.

Onshore Partner Visa (309/100)

Ideal for visa applicants who reside outside Australia.

Applicants can move to Australia permanently, once the visa is granted.

Prospective Marriage Visa (300)

Ideal for visa applicants who wishes to marry their partner in Australia.

The visa allows visa applicant to travel to Australia to marry their partner, and apply for a Permanent Partner Visa after.

NZ Family Relationship Visa (461)

Ideal for NZ Citizens to bring their partners to Australia, temporarily.

This visa is for a person who is not a NZ citizen but is a member of a family unit of a NZ citizen. It lets you live and work in Australia for five years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some factors that might contribute to the complexity of a Partner Visa application:

  • Character and Health Issues: If the applicant or sponsor has character concerns or health issues
  • Substantial Criminal Record
  • Previous Visa Refusals or Cancellations
  • Unusual or Complex Relationship History (multiple marriages, sponsorships or divorces)
  • If the couple has spent a significant amount of time living apart, it might require additional evidence to prove a genuine and ongoing relationship.
  • Age Differences: While age differences alone are not a reason for refusal, substantial age gaps might attract closer scrutiny.
  • If either the applicant was a refugee
  • Complicated Family Situations involving children from previous relationships or custody disputes might be considered complex.
  • If there is limited evidence of communication and contact between the applicant and sponsor, it may raise questions about the genuineness of the relationship.

The cost of a partner visa in Australia varies depending on the type of visa and circumstances. As of July 2023, the standard cost for a Partner (subclass 820/801) visa was approximately AUD 8,850.00. However, fees are subject to change, and it’s recommended to check the official website of the Department of Home Affairs or consult with a migration agent for the most up-to-date information.

Yes, it is possible to include your child in a Partner visa application for Australia if:


  • The sponsoring partner agrees to also sponsor them.
  • The child meets the definition of being a ‘dependent child’ of the primary visa applicant
  • The primary visa applicant has not yet been granted their permanent residence (second stage of the partner/spouse visa)

    If your relationship breaks down before a Partner visa is granted, we recommend speaking to a Migration Agent right away and notify the Department of Home Affairs. There may be a few other avenue that maybe available for you to be a granted a Partner Visa. For example, in cases of domestic violence, family violence provisions may apply.

    As a general rule, sponsoring partner may not be able to sponsor your partner if you have previously sponsored 2 other partners for migration to Australia, or have sponsored another partner within the last 5 years, or were sponsored as a partner yourself within the last 5 years.


    However, there are compelling and compassionate circumstances that may apply. We recommend that you reach out to us for more clarification.

    Yes, it is possible to apply for a Partner visa while holding a student visa in Australia.

    Once granted, the permanent stage of a Partner visa in Australia provides permanent residency to the visa holder. This means there is no specific expiration date for the permanent stage of the visa.


    However, the travel facility on the visa may expire after a certain period, and you may need to apply for a new RRV if you wish to return to Australia after the travel facility has expired.


    We recommend that you do a VEVO check before you finalise your travel plans. 

    Yes, it is possible to apply for a Partner visa in Australia even if you and your partner are not living together. However, it’s important to note that the Department of Home Affairs assesses Partner visa applications based on the genuine and ongoing nature of the relationship. Living together is often considered strong evidence of a genuine relationship, but it is not a strict requirement.

    The processing time for Partner visas in Australia can vary, and there is no guaranteed way to expedite the process. The Department of Home Affairs processes each application on an individual basis, taking into account various factors.


    However, if you’ve been in a long-term relationship (defined as at least 3 years or if there is a dependent child (other than a step-child of both the applicant and the other person–for not less than 2 years), you may qualify for a streamlined one-stage approval. In such cases, you apply for both the permanent and temporary visas simultaneously

    Yes, you can still apply for a Partner Visa even if you are concerned about not having enough evidence. It’s important to understand that while providing sufficient evidence is crucial for a successful application, the Department of Home Affairs acknowledges that each case is unique, and the evidence requirements may vary based on individual circumstances.


    We highly recommend getting in touch with us, prior to lodging the application, to provide you advise specific to your circumstances. 

    The process of obtaining a Partner Visa in Australia can be complex and involves meeting specific eligibility criteria and providing substantial evidence to prove the genuineness of the relationship.


    While it is not necessarily “hard,” it does require careful planning, thorough documentation, and adherence to immigration regulations. The difficulty can vary based on individual circumstances and how well-prepared the application is.


    We always recommend speaking to a Migration Agent before applying for the visa, to avoid “surprises” along the way.

    Technically, you can apply for a Partner visa while you are in Australia on a tourist visa, provided that you do not have a visa condition barring you from making any further visa applications while in Australia. 

    Normally, if you have applied for a Partner Visa (Subclass 820/801 or Subclass 309/100), you generally have full work rights and Medicare, from the time of lodgement. 


    However, there might be some circumstances, where this is not the case. If you are confused, we highly recommend doing a VEVO check, or checking with a Migration Agent to confirm this.

    Sponsor of a Partner visa does not have the authority to cancel your partner visa. The sponsor, can however, reach out to the Department to withdraw their sponsorship. The power to cancel or refuse a visa rests with the Department of Home Affairs.


    The Department of Home Affairs may cancel or refuse visas based on factors such as relationship breakdown, breach of sponsorship obligations, character concerns, fraudulent information, or criminal convictions.


    If you believe your partner plans to/has withdrawn their sponsorship, we recommend that you speak to us, as soon as possible, to plan out your next steps.

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